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Kalyan has long term relationships with technology leaders in the forging sector and helps the following clients to drive their sales growth in India.

Kalyan is the exclusive Agent for Ficepís forging division for the Indian market. Ficep is the world leader in the design and production of:

- Cold Shears
- Hot Shears
- Carbide Tip Saws
- Screw Presses
- Direct Drive Presses

For more information on Ficep products please go to or write to

Cemsa is a technology intensive firm that specialises in welding and electrical upsetting. The applications in industry in general and forging in particular, are too many to enumerate here. Kalyan is the exclusive agent of CEMSA for the Indian market. Cemsa machines for material gathering ( electrical upsetting ) as a technology replacement for mechanical upsetting, used conventionally in the Forging Industry, is transforming the technological level of the Indian Forging Industry.

For more information on Cemsa, please go to or write to

Zoppas Industries is one of the world leaders in heating applications. Its products are used in heating applications as diverse as washing machines, refrigerators, incubators and space satellites. Kalyan is the Exclusive Agent in India for their industrial heating business. For more information on products, please go to or write to

A.M.C Vacuum Solutions Srl is a technology leader in High Vacuum Degassing and Impregnating Plants for the Electrical Industry, High Vacuum Degassing plants for any liquid, High Vacuum Pressure resin Treatments, Bonding plants, High Vacuum Pressure Filling Equipment etc.

For further information please write to

Cosma develops and designs metal forming lines for the entire domestic appliances sector.

For further details, please go to or write to

DG Weld is an industry expert for designing and fabricating dies for the forging industry. The expertise has been honed over years of traditional craft being blended with cutting edge technology. This has helpled clients, around the world, in order to make their forging production process more precise, more cost effective and more long lasting.

For further details, please go to or write to

NICO SYSTEM is a company built on the thirty years’ experience of founder and owner Ing. Alberto Sacristani in the sector of transfer machinery. NICO SYSTEM designs and projects machines, devices and systems for total-automated production-intensive tube and profile working.

Application Sectors typically include - Automotive & Bicycle Industry, Construction Industry, Garden Furniture Industry.

For further details, please go to or write to

Flurida Group is an experienced multinational company dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing of quality electrical and mechanical components used in Domestic Appliances, LED Displays and lighting. The group is head quartered in the USA, where primary product development occurs; and has factories in China.

The products range from motors, icemakers, ice and water dispensing systems, refrigerator sub assemblies, LED Display and lighting products, injection moulded products and plastic moulds.
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